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Favo.rsLanding a job at the company of your dreams is nowhere as difficult as it was before, what with social sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook letting you connect with those who could introduce you to HR managers, and even founders. These sites bring you in direct contact with the kind of people that previously you could only communicate with through secretaries and receptionists. And now, the distances are being closed even more. is a new service that lets you ask any contact you’ve got on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn for an introduction, or any other kind of work-related favor.


You can request any influential contact to retweet a press release, you can ask your collaborators to like your Facebook page… you can get the support of all the right people in a way that’s quick, and which is sure not to annoy anybody. Which is the trickiest thing in the world, really. Few know how to approach someone they want to hire them without getting on his nerves. This site remedies that, by keeping everything short and to-the-point. is free to use, and the only thing you need to do in order to get started is to authenticate who you are either via Facebook or via Twitter. In Their Own Words is where founders and professionals broadcast and fulfill each other’s requests for help. Requests can be as simple as a retweet or as important as an intro, and all requests are tracked to reveal who you help and who helps you the most.

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What else can your request through this site? Can you use to place more personal requests?


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