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CosmoTrainer.comWith the arrival of the Internet, learning a language has never been easier. Now the Cosmo Trainer folks are making their contribution towards the cause with their site.


Basically, the visitor can specify both his native language and the language he wishes to work on. After that, the user can choose the vocabulary he wishes to train. Featured vocabularies include “Colors”, “Food”, “Human Body” and “Numbers” to name but four. Once this has been dealt with, it’s finally time to get down to some linguistic action and training.

It is nice to see startups like this one come along. As a Spanish King once commented, a man is as realized as the number of languages he has mastered, an opinion that has been shared by an endless number of artist and writers (Goethe springs to mind). As such, online resources like this one play a role in the realization of people and the breaking down of barriers that should not be overlooked. Check it out. In Their Own Words

“Cosmo Trainer, the most effective way to learn languages!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a straightforward way to pick up languages.

Some Questions About

What languages are supported? What languages will be added in the near future?


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