search cancel – Find Bargains Through Twitter“Scouring Twitter for deals so you don’t have to” is the way this service announces itself to the world, and that is quite a concise way of getting its essence through. Broadly speaking, the site empowers anybody to find deals based on Twitter conversations.


These are aggregated and eventually voted upon by site users.

Every result includes information as regards the date it was tweeted and the time it was added to the Cheap Tweets database. If you want, it is possible to visualize the top results in the last 12 or 24 hours, whereas you can see the top results within the last 7 days.

The results can also be saved once you become a registered member, so that you can do a bit of comparing back and forth over a couple of days and come back to the site and see where you stood last time effortlessly.

As a conclusion, if you want to find good deals on the Net and leverage collective knowledge in a different context, then this new initiative might have something in store for you. Give it a try and see whether or not it can make braving the current financial situation an easier task. In Their Own Words

“Scouring Twitter for deals so you don’t have to.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a different approach that works well for a change. Just like anything that has to do with Twitter, actually.

Some Questions About

How can the site become even more social?


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