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Busuu.comBusuu is a free online community for people interested in learning or improving languages. The site consists of a community area where users can go to ask questions they are having about the language they are learning and get answers from other members of the community.


The site also has a “talk” area which allows members to find natives and speak with them through an integrated video/chat feature. Each member has a profile which includes the current number of lessons and tasks they have completed towards the learning of their language of choice. Also included are sections for vocabulary training, and writing exercises. In Their Own Words

“Connect with native speakers and learn directly from other users of the community! Be completely flexible and learn only what you really need! Have fun by trying a new way to learn a language and forget your boring grammar books!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could become a good tool that people who are already studying a language under a more formal setting could use to improve their skills. It is a well-designed site and if they can attract a diverse group of members it could become a hit.

Some Questions About

Have they considered adding an additional section where private tutors from around the world could offer private classes using the integrated webcam feature already available?


Author : Caroline Bright

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