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Boarding.frThere is nothing more excruciating than having to wait at an airport lounge for hours on end while weather conditions better and you can finally depart. If that situation ever rises its ugly head again, this new Twitter-based service might just alleviate things slightly.


In essence, through Boarding you can send a tweet which will allow you to find other stranded travelers at your airport. This is accomplished simply by tweeting #boarding alongside your airport code (JFK, LAX, CDG, …). Upon doing so, Boarding will send you a reply notifying you about other Twitter users in your location, facing the selfsame predicament.

This service is not only provided at no cost, but it also entails no registration or sign up process. All you need is a Twitter account in order to start connecting with individuals in your same position.

When all is said and done, this simple yet effective solution is a smooth way of making long airport waits more pleasant. Alternatively, you can listen to Magna Carta’s “Airport Song” and get your toes shuffling. Either way, you will find somebody that sympathizes with you and your current feelings. In Their Own Words

“Spending too much time at the airport? Boarding helps you find other stranded travelers by simply twitting #boarding along with your airport code (LAX, JFK, CDG, …). Therefore, Boarding will send you a reply with a link to the other Twitter users who you can message directly to meet up with.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who know what it feels like to be stranded for ever at an airport know how useful a service like this one can turn out to be.

Some Questions About

Is the whole world covered by this service?


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