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BigBlueButton.orgBig Blue Button is a new platform that intends to make online education something that just anybody could access to and benefit from. It comes complete with all the features that one would expect to see in such a setting: chat, webcam, a list of participants and the option to have access to the desktop of the one who is imparting the class.


The presenter has the option to share files such as Word docs and PDFs, whereas voice over IP is fully integrated. All that students need in order to take part of a conference is a decent pair of speakers and a microphone in case there is something that needs clarification.

The best thing might as well be that this platform is usable by just anybody, from colleges and universities to single individuals that want to teach a language or something similar. And the fact that Big Blue Button is open source is also a big plus – those with the necessary knowledge will be capable of honing it even more minutely, and make it meet specific demands – demands that the development of a tool for global consumption couldn’t warrant, but that can make things far easier on individual teachers. In Their Own Words

“BigBlueButton enables universities and colleges to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns online conferencing into a more agile task for all concerned parties – both teachers and students can save time through it, and interact more extensively.

Some Questions About

Are all operating systems supported to the same degree? Which one is recommended?


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