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Assembla.comUsers of get free workspaces with everything that you need to organize and equip your distributed team, bundled in a Web 2.


0 package with a 60 second registration process. The most popular feature is free subversion, with track and a convenient real-time alert system. Additional features include wiki, messages, integrated ticketing, time tracking, chat, scrum meetings, mercurial, image viewing and design collaboration, etc. Assembla also provides developer profiles and job advertising. Team size is unlimited. Assembla provides tools, talent, and how-to for agile teams and rapid application development. Assembla is building and equipping a community of developers working in a global, distributed, incremental, rapid development process that is “inspired by open source”. The company can offer great online services for free to small teams by tapping into revenue from staffing, consulting, and enterprise packages. In Their Own Words

“Get free workspaces with unlimited team size and integrated tools like wiki, discussion, alerts, chat, Subversion and Trac.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

When you add a team member to an Assembla workspace, you provide a complete suite of tools in a few seconds. Your alternative is to cobble together many smaller Web 2.0 services, with separate accounts. If you build Web software for a living, you will save time and money by going to Assembla for any new software project.

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Author : Liam Gray

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