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AlternativeTo.netThis new portal stands as a new approach when it comes to finding good software on the Internet. The dynamics of the site are as follows: each online application is something akin to a post that is forever evolving and being modified by users.


Whenever a person makes a suggestion or casts a vote, the original post is modified and any change will be reflected in the overall standing of the application itself. The most “reviled” ones are actually spotlighted on the main page, under the “Applications that many users want to replace” heading.

In addition to the “Alternatives” and “Comments” sections, each “post” itself comes complete with illustrative screenshots and a link to the official website so that you can get the story from the horse’s mouth. Tags are likewise included for even further reference.

As regards supported operating systems, these include not only Windows and Mac but also Linux, so that users from all over the spectre are taken into consideration. There is even an “online” category that is the one that deals with SaaS products that require nothing but a web-capable computer in order to be employed. In Their Own Words

“AlternativeTo is a new approach to finding good software. Tell us what application you want to replace and we give you suggestions on great alternatives! Instead of listing thousands of more or less crappy applications in a category, we make each application into a category. Think of it like forever evolving blog posts about good alternatives to the software that you’re not satisfied with. And the ‘blog posts’ are generated by you through suggestions, comments and votes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Collaborative resources are known to do well, especially when they deal with issues that mean so much to computer adepts like this one.

Some Questions About

How often are new applications added to the database?


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