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HadToSay – A Boon for Secret Admirers

HadToSayYou’ve got a crush, an I-saw-you-with-the-dark-brown-hair-and-blue-eyes-at-the-water cooler-on-the-7tth floor-and-we-had-a-good-laugh- kind of connection but don’t really want to go the crass Craigslist route, and are too shy to approach in person. What to do? Try HadToSay, the new approach to secret-admiredom.


HadToSay lets you send your crush an anonymous email or give him or her a printed notification. The message contains an ID # as well as a PIN to see the message. Should you choose to respond, you can start a conversation with your secret admirer. Who knows maybe something spectacular will come out of it. The uses of HadToSay are plentiful: confess your love, flirt, tell off your boss, send anonymous chain letters. If you don’t really want to declare your love, you can view others secret letters.—all messages are public. So be careful what you say. It’s simple to use and free, just sign up and send your secrets.

HadToSay In Their Own Words

“Its FREE and easy. Print a note card at home, then discretely give it to someone. The coded note card directs them back to the site to retrieve a message you’ve left for them. If they choose, they may respond.”

Why HadToSay It Might Be A Killer

HadToSay is a cute and novel website that puts a spin on the secret admirer letter. It’s got a lot of appeal. Anybody can join in the fun.

Some Questions About HadToSay

Will users be thrown off by their messages being completely public? Is HadToSay here to stay or is simply a novelty site? HadToSay


Author : Bruce Turner

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