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12visitme.comIt is nice to see online endeavors like this one being implemented. What the 12visitme website does is to give people from underdeveloped countries a chance to travel to other countries and make a living while letting others know more about the communities they come from.


On the other hand, the site also lets people who are travelling around the world give travel tips to other individuals.

In the site’s parlance, travel opportunities go by the name of “VisitMes”, whilst the “Visits” is the name which is given to travel experiences that others want to share online. The latter are often environment-related pieces of advice, or insight which makes for better understanding local people and customs.

The site features a comprehensive step by step guide as regards the system’s implementation and mechanics, while the main page devotes considerable space to listing both new VisitMes and Visits. Featured Visits and VisitMes are also highlighted, while link to organizations which promote cultural understanding are provided at the bottom of the page. In Their Own Words

“12visitme gives people from Developing Countries the possibility to offer travel opportunities (VisitMes) to people around the world. This way they can make a living, get volunteers, or just get attention for their community! And for people travelling around, it is possible to give travel tips (Visits) to other travellers. Especially if their tips help local people or their environment!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It enables people to travel the world and have a better understanding of cultures spanning the whole globe.

Some Questions About

How do I register? Is it free?


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