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ZoomSphere.comAt a time in which we all have profiles on at least three or four different social sites, services like ZoomSphere are nothing short of essential for always knowing what’s happening around us. Basically, this new site brings together stats for all major social sites into the same page. And yes, that includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. ZoomSphere can actually list the top users in each of these social networks, so that it’s easier for you to know who to begin following to market your products better.


And the marketing of your products is also made a lot simpler thanks to the management tools the site comes with. These let you monitor all the times your company’s been mentioned on social circles. And you can also keep an alert eye on everything that’s being said about your competitors.

Using ZoomSphere costs nothing, and you can both sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. But if you want, you can register for an account of your own. In addition to all the obvious personal information such as your name and your email, you’ll have to provide some professional information such as the position you currently hold at the company you work for. In Their Own Words

Global social statistics.

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Won’t those who want to monitor social media go for sites that are better designed and come with more features like Beevolve and Viralheat instead?


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