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Yoics.comYoics is a California-based company that stands as a purveyor of networking solutions. Its objective is to transform network configuration and management, and as such it has developed a solution that allows devices to be accessed and managed from any Internet connected browser.


This is achieved through the Yoics Now! proxy, a feature of the available Yoics desktop. This proxy turns any networked computer into a device which can be remotely accessed, all the while dispensing with complicated router configurations.

The different categories that make up the site are grouped together on the right-hand side of the main page for browsing convenience. By way of example, these include sections that deal with the aforementioned Yoics Proxy and remote desktop, along with self-explanatory categories like “Tutorials” and “Downloads”. The latter includes software applications both for Windows and Mac setups. Another section that merits mentioning is the one entitled “Yoics Now! Configuration” as it provides comprehensive guidance on the different products and applications that can be integrated with the existing solution such as Yawcam and TVersity. In Their Own Words

“Yoics’ cutting edge, patent pending technology transforms the ease of use and configurability of web networking in the same way that web 2.0 technologies are transforming web publishing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is a ready market for this kind of products.

Some Questions About

How difficult is it to download and configure? Is a Linux version planned?


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