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Wipolo.comWhen you’re traveling abroad, finding the time to write emails and share all that you’re doing with your friends and family back home can be difficult. It’s not that you don’t want to do it, it’s just that you can’t find the time. Those who are waiting for you at home will only get to listen to the full story when you’re back. But that should change if this new service manages to become widely-adopted.


Wipolo is a new application that automates how travel information is gathered and shared. This online tool can look at all your receipts and use them to put together the details of your trip. By looking at the flights and trains you’ve taken, the hotels you’ve stayed in and the cars you’ve rented Wipolo can create an itinerary that showcases all the places you’ve been to. And by sharing this itinerary with your friends, they’ll get to see what you’re doing and the places you’re visiting. It won’t tell them how much you’re enjoying each individual experience, just that you’ve done it. But it’s going to give them a very good idea of your whereabouts. And in any case, something like a stay at the Ritz could hardly be an experience you didn’t enjoy.

To use Wipolo, you have to sign in with your Facebook account and then forward all the confirmation emails you get from the travel agents, venues and merchants you interact with during your trip. Wipolo is intelligent-enough to read all of these, and get the information it needs from each.

And when the trip’s over and you’ve come back home, the itineraries created by Wipolo will let you review the trip with your friends and loved ones a lot easier. In Their Own Words

Organize all your trip details in one spot (flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, etc.)

Automatically create itineraries by forwarding your confirmation emails to

Keep track of all your past trips and enjoy awesome travel statistics.

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Is adding support for languages other than English part of the plan? Shouldn’t that be a top priority?


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