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Wappwolf.comThis is one to watch out for. Wappwolf is a platform that will let you do in a singular way what previously involved the launch of several different applications.


That is, every step of a complex task becomes something comparable to an integrated workflow that you have defined yourself using specific rules. All the apps that you use in order to get any job done will become connected with each other in a logical way.

For example, if your job has you using your iPhone to take images and post them to a Facebook profile regularly, then an application like Wappwolf can be used to create a chain of processes that can then be reemployed whenever you need.

Currently, over 40 apps can be linked with each other. That might not sound like a lot to begin with, but the company is focusing on letting users take care of the ABC of document processing first. It will all be taken from there. If all goes well, over 1,000 apps will be featured when the year comes to a close. In Their Own Words

“Wappwolf is the next generation document workflow engine utilizing the full potential of state of the art web 2.0 technologies. Members can employ a wide array of community provided apps that can be combined in user generated workflows, which are used to generate, process, transport and deliver all kinds of business or personal documents.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that can let you save so much time is a productivity booster in itself. And this application is all the more worthwhile because it can let you take care of actions that are extremely reiterative.

Some Questions About

Can users suggest apps to be added to the list of featured ones?


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