– Letting Lovers Of Sports Share Stats

VisualSport.comIf you were to pick a date for the release of a tool that lets lovers of sports visualize and share data you would be hard-pressed to find a better month. The current FIFA World Cup has seen a record-setting amount of tweets sent out already, and that is all the more remarkable because the big matches are still looming ahead.

You don’t need a crystal ball to see that new records are going to be set.

And the ones who came up with this application didn’t need one either to figure out this would be the perfect moment to release it. Named VisualSport, it will let you socialize with people who love soccer, and share both stats and trends for all major soccer tournaments from over the world. These are actually shared using modules that go by the names of “ViSpos”, and that are rich visual representations of data that you can spread and embed wherever you want. For example, the data that is created in this way can be included on your blog, or shared over Facebook.

For example, you will be capable of commenting on the performance of players and their evolution using a “Compare Players Tool” and also creating timelines and stage maps that will be 100 % suitable to any blog that is devoted to soccer.

It must be noted that this platform is also entirely compatible with fantasy sports. This means that once the World Cup has ended, VisualSports will still have a role to play. Those who do become hooked now will still be able to keep on using it and interacting with the new friends that they have made. In Their Own Words

“VisualSport™ is a service which allows you to enrich your sports experience through the sharing of custom and interactive visualizations. If you need to line-up your fantasy team, prepare your weekly bet or just comment your favourite players and teams performances, here is your place!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Both old and new soccer fans will have their needs duly catered by such a service. And betters and journalists will also derive some good uses from it.

Some Questions About

Is a mobile app provided?