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VeriShow.comVeri Show is a new Internet tool that makes it very easy for dispersed teams to work as one. Users of Veri Show are enabled to chat with each other via a neat interface, and they can also start video conferences in a matter of seconds. Document sharing is also made a really simple task. And so is filling forms jointly, and editing documents in a collaborative fashion.


Besides, Veri Show can be used to provide live support to customers, and have any question they might throw at you answered in a truly unequivocal way.

As far as pricing is concerned, there is a basic version of Veri Show that is free, and two paid versions (Professional and Enterprise). Each comes with its own level of personalization and branding along with a specific number of seats (the free version of Veri Show is actually limited to one seat only). And it must be mentioned that the professional edition is charged per seat, and the enterprise solution is charged on a quotation basis. In Their Own Words

Live support & real-time collaboration with multimedia tools.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Companies that have distributed workforces will be able to get everybody collaborating in a really easy way, and they will also be able to provide better support to customers.

Some Questions About

Will other pricing options be introduced later on?


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