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UpdateStar.comUpdateStar’s goal is to simplify the user’s software life. UpdateStar seeks to position itself as the standard freeware product in keeping the user’s software setup up-to-date by providing focused information, download and licensing options right on the user’s desktop.


Too often software update information is being delivered by newsletters or websites, providing lots of unfocused information to the users. In the end the user has no time to waste sorting and reading all the news to be lucky to grab information about software that is really of personal interest, because he actually uses it on an every day bases. UpdateStar wants to position itself as the leading one-stop-information spot for software updates right on the user’s desktop to act as a central intermediary for software users and vendors. In Their Own Words

“UpdateStar is the program that lets you stay up-to-date with all of your personal software. Whether it be Freeware, Shareware and commercial software products, UpdateStar covers all of your software. UpdateStar knows more than 80.000 software products and lets you know once an update is available for you. No more wasted time reading hundreds of newsletters or searching websites for newly available updates. You want to stay up-to-date with your software? Use UpdateStar.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The combination of the internet becoming the natural source for software and the standard acquisition for software distribution offers an excellent opportunity for those who understand to deliver exactly the software the users wants and needs, in the sense of downloads and licenses. This is what UpdateStar does.

The information delivered is highly valuable for the user, as it concerns ones own software setup, which is being used on an every-day basis. UpdateStar covers tens of thousand of software products. Besides freeware products thousands of commercial products are also included. To provide users with appropriate licensing options, UpdateStar has partnered with hundreds of software vendors and e-commerce providers to offer convenient online shopping options to the users, collecting affiliate and reseller margins from these partners.

Second, the UpdateStar database is maintained by the users, for the users.

Some Questions About

The product is free and the site doesn’t show any ad, what is their business model? Are they going to start asking for money after the beta phase?


Author : Liam Gray

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