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TwitterForBusyPeople.comMost of us have schedules that even if they can not be termed “hectic” would suitably be denominated “busy”. And the ones of us who are into Twitter know that the minute we have more than a certain number of followers, reading their updates can take up more time we could afford.


This new Twitter app (Twitter For Busy People) is the perfect tool for us all. Essentially, it will allow anybody to have the tweets that matter filtered from the rest and displayed for immediate reading purposes. The “tweets that matter” are actually discerned based on how active a user is. The more active ones occupy the top spots, whereas the less active friends are relegated to the bottom of the page.

Whenever you place your pointer over any of the provided portraits, you will be able to see not only that person’s latest tweets but also full conversations that have taken place before.

On the whole, a simple yet useful service that lives up to its name. In Their Own Words

“Twitter for busy people”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter for Busy People certainly makes the process of reading tweets a more agile one, especially if you are a mass Twitterer.

Some Questions About

What improvements are forthcoming? How could the interface be enhanced?


Author : Roger Hollings

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