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Transloadit.comTransloadit is a new web service that will let webmasters handle content submitted by users far more smoothly. If you are one, Transloadit will let you forget about usability, scalability and formats and have your users submit as much content as they feel like contributing, in the way they want.


The execution of this service is very clever. Basically, you will be able to implement a upload form that your visitors will use in order to submit their own files. These are uploaded to the Trasnloadit servers (not yours), and they are processed there. You are the one who tells Transloadit what to do with the files that are uploaded, using a special parameter file. Some of the many options that you can choose from include resizing images, encoding videos, extracting thumbnails… that is, all the prototypical operations that are carried out whenever a user submit content of his very own.

Five paid plans are featured for you to choose the one that accommodates your needs best. They are entitled “Unicycle”, “Bicycle”, “Pickup”, “Excavator” and “Bulldozer”. The “Unicycle” plan starts for as little as $ 19, and it comes with 3.5 GB of storage. In Their Own Words

“Fantastic file uploading for your web application.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By using a service such as this one you are giving your visitors the chance to be as active as they want.

Some Questions About

Are there companies providing similar services?


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