TimeDuty.com – Track The Time Spent On Projects

TimeDuty.comTime Duty is one of these highly-practical applications that can let you track the time spent both by you and those who are under your authority on tasks and projects. Using Time Duty, it is very easy to get both a daily and a weekly overview of how long has any activity taken. And the fact that the data can be exported to other applications such as Excel just makes for creating reports in an even easier way. So does the fact of being able to group users in teams.

As an application, Time Duty is going to be of great use to small and medium-sized companies that simply need to monitor how much time has been spent on each individual task in order to bill clients accurately.

Time Duty works on the browser. There is nothing to install on your own servers. And as far as costs go, Time Duty is billed monthly – you will have to pay a flat rate, and you will be charged $ 1 per user. A free trial can also be initiated anytime you want, too, and it will run for 30 days.

TimeDuty.com In Their Own Words

Easy to use online timesheet software.

Why TimeDuty.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a really cost-effective solution for the tracking of time spent on projects. And that is always something pivotal – if you bill clients too low or too high they will notice, and your professional image will suffer.

Some Questions About TimeDuty.com

Will other pricing options ever be added? TimeDuty.com