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TheResumator.comAny HR manager is certain to tell you of the stress he is under all the time, not only because of the amount of mails he receives, but also because of the truly huge amount of unwarranted resumes that just do not meet the requirements.


Enter The Resumator.

In essence, it is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that is specially suited for small businesses which otherwise would not have the necessary resources for hiring additional managers.

The features of this application include a dashboard for the real-time tracking of resume flow, along with the option for instantly publishing job descriptions to your site and a form for prospective candidates to submit their resumes. Of course, an independent and external job board is also featured.

As regards the organization of resumes, these are arranged in a visual manner that lets you spot top prospects and quickly dismiss the ones that don’t even hit the mark. Moreover, it is possible to set automatic messages to candidates in order to make things even more elastic. In Their Own Words

“The Resumator – a Web-based system that manages job listings, automates the processing of resumes, and helps you spend recruitment dollars wisely.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those in charge of recruitment processes will find such a tool versatile and well-focused.

Some Questions About

How many types of automated messages can be preset?


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