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TheFlowr.comFlowr is one of these tools that lets any team collaborate over the Web as if its members were all located in the same room, when it fact they might be distributed all over the world. In this particular case, collaboration takes place over a private network that is also entirely safe – only people who are part of the team can have access to it, and get their hands on the files that are shared right there.


In addition to letting the team share files and ideas, Flowr will let you identify current trends and complement your organization’s knowledge with that.

Besides, Flowr makes for sharing interesting links among team members – since browser integration is provided from the word go, links can be put about in an entirely intuitive way.

At the end of the day, services like this one reduce these endless chains of mails that take up just too much time and dent the patience of employees. Flowr does that, and it also speeds up many other facets of collaborating over the Web. In Their Own Words

“Flowr was created by a small passionate team that believes that we need to change the way we communicate inside groups. Approaching communication using social media already showed us how much more powerful it can be. That is why we think that it can be successfully adapted for use inside Enterprise with a healthy addition of innovation applied to it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will let any team collaborate over the Web in an entirely supple fashion.

Some Questions About

Is a free trial provided?


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