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TheBirdy.comThe Birdy stands as a dead-simple way to track your daily expenses. The emphasis here is on letting people monitor little expenditures, such has the $ 5 one spends on a cup or coffee, or the $2 he spends on a bar of chocolate. By using The Birdy, all that expenses are aggregated and put in a context that makes for realizing which are warranted and which are unnecessary as the month comes to an end. And such expenses are inputted directly by the user, transaction by transaction – The Birdy doesn’t ask people to disclose bank information or anything like that. It is an application that anybody can use with total independence from his bank accounts, for the simple reason that what is being tracked (IE, small expenses) are something entirely different in nature


And the way data is inputted (by answering to an email asking where did you spend your money at the end of the day) is really, really practical in itself.

The Birdy is a free service. You can sign up for an account at no cost, and start tracking your expenses right away. In Their Own Words

The Birdy helps you keep track of your daily spending, with one email a day.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really accurate way to know how you are spending your money, and cut any bad habits short.

Some Questions About

What else can The Birdy keep track of?


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