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Tastytag.comWhat’s on the table tonight? If you leave it up to Tasty, you’ll be served up bits of del.icio.


us information. While that may not agree too well with your stomach, it will give your brain some data to chew. Tasty spits out bar graphs indicating the top ten tags users use to categorize any one URL. Using its API, Tasty effectively canvasses the mindset and gives site owners a glimpse into how their site is perceived. User tagging can be quite distinct from direct author tagging. Perception is in the eye of the beholder after all. Besides displaying top tags and the number of times they’ve been used, Tasty gives you the total number of users that have added the URL to their account In Their Own Words

“ bits of information
Step 1: Type in your URL
Step 2: Enjoy graphs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tasty is probably most useful to site owners and perhaps those interested in folksonomy. It’s a really simple app that gives clear, concrete information. It’s valuable to see how users perceive a site especially in contrast with how the site owner sees their own site.

Some Questions About

Tasty seems to be sluggish. The graphs take far to log to develop. How will the site advertise itself? Will it partner up with something more robust?


Author : Siri Marshall

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