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StrikeApp.comStrike is one of the easiest ways to get tasks done that you are finding on the Web. The app has got no features that could muddy the experience of users unnecessarily, and as a matter of fact it can be used without having to sign in at all. You start a new project, it will be assigned a unique URL. You will have to bookmark that in order to be able to access it a later date (and also for sharing it with any coworker or friend).

As mentioned at the beginning, the to-do list itself is kept supremely simple. New items are created by clicking on the provided button, and you are allowed to do some basic dragging and dropping to order elements. But there is nothing more to do when editing your upcoming tasks. You create them, delete them and rearrange them manually as you see fit.

Something as straightforward as this is obviously aimed at individual users. Any person who has to keep track of his professional priorities will invariably go for an application that has that some meatier features. In Their Own Words

A fun and easy way to strike stuff off lists.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a really uncomplicated way of getting things done, then this is it.

Some Questions About

Will this site always remain this simple? Or will it grow into something larger?