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StatusHistory.comFacebook has become a pivotal part of our lives. It occupies a spot where crucial events play themselves out, it is the one place many of us turn to vent our every frustration, to tell the world we are enchanted to have met a person that might us well become our significant one in the future, to make snide remarks at someone we dislike… Interactions like these are the ones that have come to define what Facebook is all about. We all do one of these things at some time or the other. The thing is, we just never think about the permanence of what we are doing.


If we say something to someone in the real world, these words might be forgotten because people being people they just forget things over time. Yet, on Facebook all the words that we write down basically remain there for all to read. And that can cause serious unforeseen complications.

This site is here to let us realize the weight of our actions on Facebook. Named Status History, it can go through all of our previous updates and analyze them. Any person who uses this service can look at statistical data such as the total number of times he has updated his profile over the last couple of years, which status generated the biggest number of Likes, which friends these come from… It is not going to make the kind of people who post any old thing on Facebook stop doing so. Such people even rejoice in doing what they do. Even if you pointed their failings to them, they would carry on as usual. But people who do care about their image will find as service like the one provided here extremely valuable – they will be able to figure out how really discreet they have been online over time. In Their Own Words

Your Friends. Your Status. Your Data. Take it back!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let the ones who are always concerned about their image and reputation on Facebook put all their interactions into perspective.

Some Questions About

How can this service become appealing to a larger public?


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