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SnipSnip.itIf you are a blogger, you must occasionally recommend videos to your readers. And I am sure you get a kind of awkward feeling when you instruct them to jump to 2:41 or whatever manually to see the part of the video that is interesting. I mean, that is not a problem or something to worry about under any concept, but the fact remains a more practical solution should be devised – something that could let you highlight the portion of the video itself directly. Well, that is what Snip Snip It does.


This simple web tool will let you choose the fragments of videos that you want to share with others, and then a URL linking to these portions will be created for you to spread at will.

In this way, your visitors or readers will get to see exactly what you mean. No longer will they have to do something as fussy as jumping back and forth manually. And a fact is a fact: the easier you make things for them, then the more loyal they will become. In Their Own Words

Share the good parts.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great tool for bloggers – they will be able to give their visitors a far more focused experience.

Some Questions About

How many clips can you share like this?


Author : Roger Hollings

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