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SisSurvey.netSisSurvey is a company that provides a very advanced survey and poll service. What this means is that it allows you to produce surveys and polls that are both simple to implement, yet still powerful enough to have the necessary customization for the collection of the information you are really seeking.


At the same time, they allow profound customization regarding the visual features of the poll itself so that it is inserted seamlessly into your own social networking profile, website or email campaign.

The possibilities are endless and only the user will determine how far he can take this service. However, the most important part of creating a poll or a survey is being able to retrieve the information in a useful way, otherwise all the hard work and effort will be going down the drain. With SisSurvey you can export the collected data in either XML or CSV format or you can even subscribe to an RSS feed of your results to keep track of your poll in real time. Another nice feature is the possibility of determining opening and closing parameters for your polls and surveys. You can either choose to close it after a given date or after a given quota has been met. In Their Own Words

“Our advanced system allows you to create customized and unique polls through a user-friendly interface.

Build your Poll or your survey in seconds, add a unique style to match your website, and deploy it with a single line of auto-generated script.

Works in HTML, PHP, ASPX, ASP, blogs, forums, and more!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The features and the service provided look very potent and useful.

Some Questions About

How will it overcome the competition provided by similar services?


Author : Bill Webb

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