– Signing Contracts Over The WWW

SignatureConfirm.comGetting a contract signed over long distances has always been a laborious and tedious process bar none. It comes as no surprise that people were to devise services like Signature Confirm – services that take advantage of the directness in which data can be shared online in order to cut the limitations of carrying out the whole process in a physical way.

Using Signature Confirm you can proceed to have a contract delivered and signed online, and speed up your sales cycle considerably – the mere fact of being able to know that your contract was signed the moment when it was signed is a major asset. That is made possible by way of the provided tracking system, a system that will also enable you to know which contracts are still to be signed, and which ones have been out for too long.

And a tool like Signature Confirm not only makes for having any contract signed up instantly, it also enables you to take advantage of the ability of having a contract cloned and reused within seconds. And the fact that multiple recipients are supported for every single contract simply makes things smoother for everybody. In Their Own Words

“Make your own custom contracts, send them by email, and get them signed faster.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it brings a lot of dynamicity into something that has always been tedious and time-demanding such as traveling across the country just to get a signature.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost? Which plans are there for you to choose from?