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ShoutMix.comAre you finding it hard to organize the visitor’s comments at your blog? Looking for an easy way to communicate? offers you a simple interactive system that allows you an instant interaction with your website’s visitors.


A shootbox a.k.a tagboard/chatbox can be installed on your Blog, Bolt, Freeweb, Friendster, WordPress, Xanga, or Yahoo group, and by this your visitors can post in a simple way their comments in it, or even use the shoutbox to chat with other visitors at the same time. You can apply for a basic or premium shoutbox, depending on your needs. Some of the advantages you get from using a shoutbox are: customizable operations, use any language, auto-refresh updates, sound alerts to ensure that no messages will be missed, messages are stored in the shoutbox for your convenience, you can store up to 5000 posts inside the shoutbox, downloadable monthly archives of all your messages, spam filtering, profane words filter, you can ban users by IP address, you can set the layout that better suits your website, and much more. In Their Own Words

“Shoutbox is a great interactive add-on that makes your visitors coming back for more! Give our shoutbox a try and see how it performs! Get a shoutbox for your blog or website and get instant comments from your visitors today! Everything is customizable via easy point-n-click operations. Even though there are many features, our control panel is very well organized.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

They not only offer a really useful tool just by it self, but also provide users with a large number of advantages making it really advisable to have one. Apart from this, the fact that it is easy to use, that you can apply for a basic or premium service and that you can chose the layout that better fits your website makes it a must have for every website owner. It’s a unique tool and they offer it to you free of charge.

Some Questions About

How do they differ from other sites offering the same? Isn’t the Internet full of sites offering the same service? How are people supposed to fin this one? Will they improve the service so to stand out among the others?


Author : Jason Taylor

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