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ScreenFix.netScreenFix compiles together a set of five different tools that can be used by anybody in order to have a crisp image on his monitor. These applications are three different checkers (“Gamma Checker”, “Phasing Checker” and “Brightness Checker”) and two fixers (“Dead Pixel Fixer” and “Flickr Fixer”).


Moreover, the site includes a tool for checking TN monitors, and that tool goes by the corresponding denomination.

These tools go by self-explanatory names, and they are all provided at no cost. They are all hosted on the server, too, so that you won’t have to incur into software downloads of any kind, nor worry about updating anything.

The site has just premiered, and some additional features should be added in order to give it a more social edge, or to make it more interactive – IE, two crucial considerations nowadays. As it stands, users can not connect with each other, and while that is not germane to what the site does such a feature does never go amiss either. Still, it does a very competent job and it is certain to help you have a better visual experience. In Their Own Words

“Fix your screen.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The solutions on offer do their job on the spot and provide a very valuable service.

Some Questions About

How does the site advertise itself?


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