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Safe.mnURL shortening has an inherent number of drawbacks that on balance can make the whole experience turn into a sour one. Namely, it is very easy to end up somewhere you did not intend to go in the first place, not to mention infecting your computer in the process.


Safety and transparency are the main concerns on most people’s books, and the one URL shortener we are discussing right now places that quite highly on the list of priorities. As a matter of fact, its tagline is “Security and transparency”.

In order to make that come true, all links that are generated are verified through and through and any type of malicious content is thus kept at bay. Furthermore, all the links which are created are publicly available, and they can be accessed through the site whenever you wish.

The actual shortening service does not merit any particular explanation – if you can access the site you can come up with your short URL, so that if you are looking for a safe and quick way to share links this can do the trick satisfactorily enough. In Their Own Words

“ addresses the two main criticisms to URL shorteners: security and transparency. All links are thoroughly verified for viruses, malware, phishing, malicious content, session stealing, cross-site scripting attacks, etc. Any suspicious link gets flagged, and users are warned about it. is also the most transparent URL shortener service: all links generated by are publicly available, and updated regularly. Use to show your visitors your links are safe.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free solution that places the emphasis on providing a safe and transparent service.

Some Questions About

How fast is it? How long is a URL that you shorten this way?


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