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RSVPhere.comEvitations have all but displaced old paper invitations, and I think that such a development has been beneficial on the whole. Of course, we have lost more than a fair share of personality and involvement, but the trade off has been worth it – now we know that the invitation has made it into the hands of the invitee for certain.

Both modalities have their advantages, then. And while it is clear that evitations will keep on gaining ground, there are (formal) contexts in which paper invitations would be preferable. Better still, a combination of both methods could work wonders if someone devised a way to coalesce them. And that is exactly what this site aims to do: bring evitations closer to paper invitations.

Named RSVPhere, this system will let you create an account and add all the information regarding your event such as location, time, etc. Guests will sign up for your event there, and they will be sent a paper invite to the address that they provide on the site. This paper invite will bear a code, and it is that code guests will use to confirm attendance once they have received the invite. This dispenses with having them send you a response card. That is one thing less that can become lost along the way, in the end.

Also, note that guests will be asked questions such as if they have any dietary considerations that you must take into account when they visit the event’s site. That effectively makes for the better planning of the event itself. In Their Own Words

“You are cordially invited to experience the most streamlined, simple & convenient site on the Web. You can now connect your hard copy invitations from weddings, graduation parties, baby showers and more with this online RSVP organizer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a platform accommodates events of every kind, and the supplemental services that are offered such as auto reminders and guest blogs simply make it all even more enticing.

Some Questions About

Will premium features be added sometime soon?