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RSS.IM – Instant Notifications Through IM

RSS.IMIf you just can’t find the time to check your favorite sites as often as you would like and you could use some help, a site like RSS.IM will come to the rescue.


In the most general terms, we can say that it will let you read feeds through the messaging client that you use the most.

That is, on the site you are provided with the option to individualize these feeds that you would like to follow one by one, and then provide the address of your IM provider. By complying with these two simple steps you will start receiving notifications in your client.

This is the typical tool that saves time above everything else. It is clear that coming up with something like this did not take an enormous amount of time, and it didn’t take an inordinate amount of knowledge either. But that is besides the point. It doesn’t make it any less usable. And those who are always looking for ways in which they could stretch time and make it last longer are bound to take a liking to it.

RSS.IM In Their Own Words

“Read feeds updates through your favorite messaging client.”

Why RSS.IM It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for ways to save time, this is certainly one.

Some Questions About RSS.IM

How can the interface become more appealing? What should be added or refined? RSS.IM


Author : Roger Hollings

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