search cancel – Virtual World-Building Game looks at first sight like an online game webpage, but it is quite more than that. What you will find here is an entertainment space and platform aimed at children where they can do much more than play. With characters which resemble Lego figurines, Roblox gives users building components to create online games. This games created by visitors can then be played with other children who also are members of the gaming community which Roblox created.

What is it that kids can create as games in Roblox, then? Just about anything they can imagine. A haunted house, a pirate ship, a medieval castle or a spaceship and planets in another galaxy are some of the settings which could come out from the users’ imagination, with the corresponding characters in it. Not everything has to be related to fantasy though, a modern day crowded city can also be part of these creations.

The tool provided by that will allow the kids to make their own games is a scripting language called “Lua“, which will allow the children to learn how to program. Many press articles about the site mention this fact as a really important aspect that could foster future careers in technology. One of these examples can be read following this link or this one.

However, the Roblox platform works as a sort of social network too. Kids can share their creations here with other kids, and marketing tools can be used to make a game created by your child known to the rest of Roblox’s community. So the social aspect of this site is quite appealing also, together with the chance of learning about online marketing.

As for the didactic uses Roblox has yet another one: an electronic currency by which the user will learn about economy too. This will allow players of the community to trade virtual items to enhance their playing experience, rounding up the contribution for learning of the site.

If you are a mother or father worried about the site’s content, you can rest assured that Roblox uses every resource at hand to keep it a safe and secure webpage. In Their Own Words

ROBLOX is the #1 ranked kids entertainment site in the US, drawing over one billion page views and 21 million in-game hours each month.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides an entertaining platform for children while at the same time fosters their creativity and programming skills, doing much for their self-confidence.

Some Questions About

Are there any plans to develop the site in other languages for international users?


Author : Mery Fisher

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