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Qodify.comThis new service is capable of centralizing all the information about you and all your digital profiles in a single micropage that can be customized at will. When this micropage is created, so is a QR code that you can put on your business cards. By merely scanning it, people will get to know all about you at once.


Micropages are created very easily – all you have to do is point the application to these social and professional sites where you have a profile, and then choose exactly how you want the information contained there to be presented to others. And it goes without saying that once they have been created, these pages can be modified as many times as you want afterwards. You are not getting stuck with a fixed design for life.

And you are also provided with a tool for designing a vCard of your very own, so that it can be said that Qodify is as much of a self-contained service as you might want it to be. In Their Own Words

The new way to manage contact information!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you bring all the different sides of your online persona together.

Some Questions About

In which other ways could micropages be used?


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