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ProjectThingy.comProjectThingy is a new tool that makes it possible for people to collaborate over the Web. Essentially, by furnishing some basic information you will receive some lines of code in return, and by cutting and pasting these lines to your site you will create an application for collaborating online and sharing files.


The main advantage of such a solution is that it can be fully and seamlessly integrated with your site, to the point that someone would be forgiven for thinking that it was tailor-made. This also makes the whole process a more familiar one for your team, not to mention giving clients a sense of stability.

Notable features include different permission levels for keeping everything in its right place, and user configurable alerts so that nothing falls behind schedule.

This new service is quite easy to put into practice, but a video guide is included just in case. Also, bear in mind that the team behind the project (Chris and Uta Ritke) can be contacted at in the event you wish to dispel any doubts, or show them your support and appreciation. In Their Own Words

“Project and file collaboration that lives on your site.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for easily connecting distributed workforce, and for coordinating efforts in a smooth fashion.

Some Questions About

How will this project shape up over time?


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