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Projectial.comCompany owners, this is the kind of application that will let you make a wise use of all your available resources. Projectial will let you manage your every project, and all the employees that are assigned to them. You’ll be able to set down milestones, and then track how likely they are to be reached in time, while you can also keep a good watch on the money which is being spent to make them come true. If anything seems off, then you’ll be able to make the changes that should be made before everything is in danger of becoming unmanageable.


And like all the other web applications that let bosses overview what their employees are doing, Projectial allows team members to communicate among themselves using the provided messaging interface.

Projectial is a browser-hosted application, with you being able to access it from anywhere a web-enabled device is found. Three paid plans (or “tariffs”) are going to become available in due time. But right now, Projectial can be used for free. Of course, whether that will be enough to make people choose it over other longer-running applications like Vertabase, Quantify and Projecturf is to be seen. But it’s a nice move nonetheless. In Their Own Words

Projectial is a system which makes managing projects, human resources, finances, and time, more effective. Implementing it, you can overview the employees, their tasks and projects, and the whole company.

Some Questions About

Will a lite version of the service be provided alongside the paid plans that are to be announced next?


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