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PolarisCMS.comWeb designers wanting to provide your customers with a much more professional service all around, this is the platform you’ve been looking for. PolarisCMS is a content management system that’s been specifically built for web designers and developers. It comes with enough features to let you create websites meeting the requirements of even the most demanding of clients. You’ll be able to build both ecommerce and non-commerce websites, and include everything from shopping carts, widgets, add-ons and flash banners to virtually anything a client could ask for.


If the client wants to have a site in which the right mouse click is disabled, then you’ll be able to do it. If the client asks you for a site featuring an appointment scheduler, you’ll get it together in the blink of an eye. If the client requests an extranet, some printable coupons, an automated registration form, and pretty much anything you could think of, then you’re having no problem getting that in place. PolarisCMS is powerful-enough to let you handle the most taxing of requests.

And you know what’s best? That you can try it for free, and without even having to submit your credit card information at that. Once you’re ready to buy a membership, you can get one for $ 39.99 (to be paid monthly), and begin doing all that was described above in a completely personalized way. You’ll get a control panel from which to manage all your clients, and you’ll also get 24/7 ticket support from the company. In Their Own Words

PolarisCMS is a White Label CMS (content management System) providing more features, functions and flexibility to global web professionals, than ever before. The breakthrough technology used for this web platform has been built over a 6 year period and includes a highly advanced Website Builder CMS, a full-scale Online Catalog and Ecommerce Shopping Cart, and a range of high-end functional tools to create feature-rich websites.

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