Pixtick.com – Create And Share Screenshots

Pixtick.comCoupling a cool service with a slick interface, Pixtick makes it incredibly easy for people who need to share screenshots to get the job done with speed and precision. You see, users of Pixtick are enabled to share images that can be annotated and edited as much as it is needed, and all these editions and annotations can be handled from within the application. And not only does Pixtick run on the browser, the service is actually completely free. The only thing you need for using Pixtick is actually having a browser that supports Flash and Java. Most browsers do, actually, so that shouldn’t cause any problems.

Once you are up and running, images can be saved as PNG, JPG and PDF files, and they can be categorized into albums for much easier reference. The whole compilations can then be shared on your social or professional networks of choice. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg… it’s your data, you can choose where you’ll share it. Everywhere’s allowed.

Pixtick.com In Their Own Words

Pixtick gives you the power to capture screenshot, annotating or editing images and publishing them from within your browser. You doesn’t need to download or install anything. Just launch it and you are ready.

Some Questions About Pixtick.com

Will the site always remain free to use? Or will paid plans be announced as the site moves out of its test phase? Pixtick.com