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Patapage.comPatapage is a new solution that stands as a way of adding services to websites by including buttons. For example, using Patapage it is possible to add a button for users to add and contribute content socially as well as comments, image galleries, contact forms, annotated feedback, ratings, and retweets.


The one advantage this has is that the webmaster (IE, you) does not have to take care of server maintenance and related niggles, and you get the chance of implementing functionalities by using additional layers on your site which are unobtrusive and that do not taint the experience the user has in any sense. The site is preserved exactly as it was, and that is a definitive plus for programmers – they don’t have to touch the original code, and if anything goes wrong it is rectified in seconds. They simply take the layer away and that’s it.

Trying this system out couldn’t be easier, too, as you can demo it on your actual site without anything being actually done to it. Simply supply the URL when prompted and you are ready to go. In Their Own Words

“More options for your website users. In minutes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it progressively provides functionalities similar to that of classical CMS systems, without any hassle and preserving the static site as it is (and its layout).

Some Questions About

How often are new functionalities added to the existing ones?


Author : Roger Hollings

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