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PageBoss.comPageboss is indeed the boss of all website analysis. This new service is vast and extremely complete.


Putting it quite simply, here is how it works. First thing is to choose a website which you want to analyze. Once you have done that just type its name into the field and hit analyse. This in turn triggers the process of collecting all of the information pertinent to the site you want to analyse. It does take a bit of time, since it gathers information from several providers thus making some of them quicker than others. Nonetheless, you can begin accessing the information it retrieves as soon as it comes back with it, regardless of the fact that the search is finished or not.

Perhaps the best thing about this site is the type of information it provides because it really gives you the heads up regarding how well or how badly that site is doing. Information as key as if the site has a sitemap or not, google page rank, how many indexed pages, how many incoming links, domain age, etc. The information really gives whoever is looking a pretty clear understanding of where the site is standing, particularly if he is looking at buying or selling a web site. In Their Own Words

‘ is a basic service to analyse websites for website and blog owners. With websites and blogs are able to access to a variety of their statistical data.

Blog and website owners are suppose to analyse their studies regularly in order to improve thier projects. The process of analysis, which is a requirement to succeed in interactive projects, could cause time and performance losses, if it would be made manually by the owners of blogs and websites.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

A very powerful tool for the pro entrepreneur.

Some Questions About

Will they keep on extending the information?


Author : Bill Webb

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