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Otipo.comOtipo is a new web-hosted employee scheduling application. It lets any manager schedule shifts in the easiest way of all, as he no longer will have to rely on making phone calls and filling out Excel spreadsheets in order to put schedules together. No, here team members can confirm their attendance digitally, and in case any conflict arises then the whole situation can also be resolved online. It is all a mere matter of sending (and responding) to the relevant communications.


As far as managers are concerned, Otipo provides them with a rich editor where they can do everything from defining shift hours and the required number of staff members to the way they will be rotating over specific shifts.

Then, using the featured scheduling tool they will send SMSes to the members who have been allocated to each shift, and wait for their direct responses.

Besides, shifts can be sent via email and published on websites – whatever makes it easier for employees to access them. In Their Own Words

Otipo is a Web 2.0 employee scheduling software. Unlike traditional staff scheduling software solutions, which require installation, upgrades and maintenance, Otipo leverages the capabilities of the Internet and Cloud Computing, and offers a fully web-based solution.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let managers devise perfect schedules without having to exert themselves that much.

Some Questions About

Can you try this application for free before buying it?


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