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OrganisedMinds.comOrganised Minds is a new tool for professional collaboration. It runs on the cloud, and it lets you create as many workspaces as you need to get tasks done in time. You can bring your entire team online, and easily see how far members are from completing the jobs that have been assigned to them by looking at the statuses they post. You’re provided with a slick dashboard where you can see everything at a glance, and reorder tasks by dragging and dropping them. And you can also change their priority, and (if it looks like the deadlines won’t be met) reassign them altogether.


The free version of Organised Minds lets you create up to three different work environments, and invite up to 5 people to work with you online. More people can be invited (and more work environments can be created) if you’re willing to shell out for any of the three paid plans that are available: “Managed”, “Enterprise per User” and “Enterprise Unlimited”.

Organised Minds is going up against applications like Teambrite, ConceptBoard and DotProject. These are applications that have been around for longer, that come with more features and that (in some cases) are even open source. In Their Own Words

Business collaboration and management in the cloud.

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What other advantages have paid plans got? What else do you get for your money?


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