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NotifyMee.comThe way things work out on the WWW, sites are not always up and running all the time. And that happens to absolutely every site that you can think of.


Now, suppose you need information for a task or assignment and your one trustworthy website is down. You need the information as soon as possible, and you can’t afford to check the site out every five minutes for the simple reason that you have other things to take care of. That is where a service such as this one comes into the picture.

As its name implies, Notify Mee will let you provide a URL to check when any downed site that you are interested in becomes reachable again. You simply furnish the URL and the e-mail address for contact purposes, and you will be contacted when the site is up again.

As the ones who have put the site together grant, this is not a groundbreaking service, but it does perform a worthwhile task that is bound to help you access information vital to you right when you need it. And we haven’t even mentioned the advantages such as system entails for webmasters who wish to ensure that everything runs smoothly all the time. In Their Own Words

“Notify Mee performs a very simple but worthwhile task: It sends you an email when a downed site you want to visit returns to the internet. Monitoring a downed site and letting you know when it returns. Can be very useful next time your favorite weblog is unreachable or a link you really want to check out crashes under the weight of its popularity. It also outputs a tweet to notify other people that the site is down and when it goes back up.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite a direct way to know that the information you are after can finally be reached.

Some Questions About

What gives this site an edge over other online resources that play out similar roles?


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