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MySkyStatus.comA service which has been launched by Lufthansa, MySkyStatus aims to bring flight information to anybody. Well, anybody who uses either Twitter or Facebook, that is.


You see, the site sends updated information about arrivals and departures, and the information is updated approximately on an hourly basis.

A flight can be added on the site just by keying in the name of the carrier along with the departure date and the ever-crucial flight number. Alternatively, you can employ the airport name or code instead of typing the number of the flight. In every case, you can have your pick between economy and business class by clicking on the tab that is featured at the top.

While this service is nothing really radical, it is very, very useful. And that is a good thing – there are so many apps that serve no real purpose that when one which is really useful materializes it doesn’t go unnoticed. Not at all. Both you and your loved ones should keep it mind to ensure everything goes according to plan, and that a vacation is truly that – something enjoyable for the family on the whole. In Their Own Words

“While you’re in the air, MySkyStatus sends altitude, location, departure and arrival updates automatically to your Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s travel made social and it’s easy to set up. Let’s get started.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fully-warranted and legit use for Twitter, as the information which is provided is nothing short of vital for families and their relatives.

Some Questions About

Are other airlines going to implement a similar system sometime soon?


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