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MyJugaad.inMyJugaad allows anyone to create slideshows of webpages, videos, and images that they like and then to share them with their friends. You’ll have to register to get started and then simply create a title for your slide show, select whether to make it a feed-based slideshow or a website-based one, and then enter the links along with a description.


You can also make slideshows by selecting whether to include most popular or most recent bookmarks, and then entering tags to search for. You can also make slide shows by adding a username and generating slide shows in that format. This is a great way to make fun slideshows from all of your favorite web content. In Their Own Words

“ is a slideshow for webpages, which are sourced either from popular websites such as (for best webpages), digg (for most entertaining stories), google news (for latest news), etc. or from a list provided by you or from your RSS feed(s).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could become a popular form of displaying people’s favorite web content with friends. The addition of bookmarks will be especially enjoyed.

Some Questions About

How will they monetize the use of this service? While they do require that you enter an email address during registration no verification measures are taken so they apparently do not have any plans to exploit their database of email addresses. Have they considered showing recent or best slideshows directly on the Jugaad home page? That might help to spruce the site up a bit and also demonstrate the potential to new users.


Author : Caroline Bright

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