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Mibbit.comMibbit is an IRC application whose group chat sharing capabilities allow for users to interact via private messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing, among other actions. The tool may be used through various platforms, including various PC browsers, wii, and the iPhone.


Mibbit runs through the user’s browser, making it simple and easy to use, particularly for new users. Users are able to move to different servers and save their favorites using the tab feature to navigate. Furthermore, the tool may be customized to each user’s preferences. Additional features, such as instant language translation, auto image URL thumbnailing, and typing notifying to alert users when a peer has completed typing, all add to the appeal and value of the tool.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mibbit has many features that differentiate it. It is user-friendly, and is already supported by numerous platforms. The website itself could be improved with more information introducing the concept to potential users.

Some Questions About

How may potential users be introduced to this application, versus competitors, such as Flash or Java? Which media platforms may be contacted to increase reach? What information could be added to the website to further explain the concept?


Author : Bill Webb

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