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Meetin.gsOnline meetings have become an indelible part of the way companies operate nowadays, and lot of different applications are released every single week in order to let companies maximize the latest technology that is available, and turn online shared spaces into something enriching for all the people who met there. This new application certainly does that. can be used to create an online space where collaborating is as easy as it could possibly be. All the members of the same team who meet there can work on these items that call for consideration, share files and communicate to the full ( already integrates with most email providers).


The best aspect of the whole application is how it makes for arranging meetings over organizational boundaries. When using no passwords have to be remembered, no registrations must be carried out, and there is just nothing to download. People who are in the same team will be able to join the virtual shared space that is created, and collaborate there as if they were all together in the same room. In Their Own Words

Simply effortless meetings.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for conducting online meetings in a fast, focused way.

Some Questions About

Does this run on all browsers? Which known compatibility issues are there (if any)?


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