– Finding A Time To Meet With Your Friends

Meetifyr.comIf you and your friends have schedules that basically redefine the expression “around the clock”, this website might offer some respite. It is self-defined as “the world’s simplest online shared calendar”, and that is certainly accurate if we take into account that using it doesn’t even entail signing up beforehand.

A calendar is created through the link on the main page, and it can be shared with whomever you like once you have it ready. This is done by merely putting the URL about. The calendar will be updateable by just anybody, so that determining a free slot for everybody to meet shouldn’t really be that difficult if you give your friends enough time to plan ahead.

That is it, basically. There are no tricky or even advanced features to go into. This service has a very concise aim, and it realizes it with true economy. If all that you want is finding a time to meet up with you friends and you don’t want to deal with the bore of creating accounts and memorizing passwords, this will be hard to beat. In Their Own Words

“Meetifyr is the worlds simplest online shared calendar. You create a calendar, add your name and availability then send the link round to your friends to see when they’re free. It’s really that simple, try it if you don’t believe us!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is free, fast and (most of all) dead simple.

Some Questions About

Is there a chance to enhance it just a little, without making it lose its simplistic edge?